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Electrical Engineering Department Information

Electrical engineering diploma for three years that serve and needs for the public or private sectors for trained electrical engineers.
The academic skills of the students with main focus on subjects like Electrical & Electronics Engg. Materials, Electrical Engg. Design & Drawing, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments, Electronics Devices & Circuits, Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Installation & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Electrical Workshop and Project Work.
This course deals with the maintenance, repair and production of electrical equipment and electrical systems which exist in industry.

Employment Opportunities:

Executive and supervisory control in power stations or sub-stations, transmission and distribution networks.

Private Industries and firms dealing in the field of Meters and manufacturing and sale of variety of electrical equipment.

In the field of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical power.

Operation and maintenance of equipment, lines, fault location, planning and designing of simple distribution schemes.

Make changes in design depending upon availability of materials.


To do maintenance, repair and production of electrical equipment and systems.

To procure, inspect and test electrical and electronic engineering materials.

To do fault diagnosis, repairing small electrical gadgets/domestic appliances making joints and carrying out wiring work.

To select, operate, maintain, test and repair/replace electrical machinery used in various industrial and domestic applications.

Make changes in design depending upon availability of materials.

To design wiring schemes for domestic, industrial and power installation, to draw layouts for wiring diagram, to understand and interpret the drawings prepared by others according to Indian standards and relevant Indian Electricity Rules.

To use various quality control techniques and safety measures adopted.

To install, erect, and commission the power equipment in sub stations.

To design simple steel structural elements.

Year Intake
1st Year Electrical engineering Diploma 60
2nd Year Electrical engineering Diploma 60