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In Plant Training

Inplant Training is specially designed and short duration program for the students to get industrial exposure for any course in the college for Diploma students.

If a student has an interest in a particular subject and he/she is willing to get deep knowledge in the subject how could a student obtain that knowledge in just a six-month? This is an place where need of Inplant Training comes in.

For this purpose, most of our students go for the inplant training where it can be just a week training to as long as two-month training, where experienced personality will train the student and if that happens obviously a transfer of knowledge from experienced person will actually help us with the depth of the knowledge about the course.

Inplant Training is about getting the industry exposure which will help you to know about how the industry works in the real-life scenario. All can get inplant training, but the knowledge what we have got from the inplant training only makes us feel whether it is worthy or not, And the technology in which we are doing our inplant training also plays it own importance. Students should be very careful about choosing the technology in which he/she is going to do their inplant training and more often it is good to do inplant training in the course which is out of syllabus of the college course it will bring some value to the resume.

Our college has made inplant training as a necessary one during their fourth or fifth semester; it is just to help students to know about how the industry works and to meet the demand because most of the companies hire people who have a good industrial knowledge. College explains clearly about the importance of In-Plant Training and encourage them to attain inplant training in cutting edge technologies.

STP Inplant Training 17-18
Placement Report 2017-18